Government Domains

NIC .DO offers, free of charge, to governmental and military institutions of the Dominican Republic, the service of registration of domain names with termination GOB.DO, GOV.DO and MIL.DO.

Because these domains are of restricted use, the service of registration and administration of these domains is only provided by NIC .DO through WWW.DOMINIOSGUBERNAMENTALES.NIC.DO.


To request the delegation of a domain name under these classifications, the governmental or military institution concerned must:

  2. Create a user account
  3. Register the domain name following the instructions given
  4. Send the required documentation for the delegation of the domain name
    • Letter on letterhead of the governmental or military institution requesting the domain name, signed by the person in charge of that office or by its legal representative.
    • Attach Copy of the Legal Framework (Decree or Law) that creates the requesting institution

NIC .DO will only process requests from government domains when the requirements have been met.