Since 1997, understanding the need and the duty to interact with other related institutions, NIC .DO integrates itself into the worldwide Internet community through its participation in the different forums and meetings of Internet ecosystem entities such as ICANN, LACTLD, LACNIC and others.


Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

It is a non-profit organization created in September 1998, responsible for the overall coordination of the system of unique Internet identifiers.


Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

Responsible for the operational aspects of global coordination of unique Internet identifiers.


Country Code Names Supporting Organisation

ICANN Support Organization, responsible for developing policies related to country code domains and recommending them to the ICANN Board.


Latin American and Caribbean ccTLDs Organization

Organization that groups the ccTLDs of Latin America and the Caribbean by representing their interests and promoting their development.


Registro de Direcciones de Internet América Latina y Caribe

The Internet Address Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean is an organization responsible for the allocation and administration of Internet numbering resources (IPv4, IPv6), Autonomous Numbers and Inverse Resolution, among other resources for the Latin American and Caribbean region. It is one of the five Regional Internet Registries in the world.


Internet Society (ISOC)

The Internet Society is the world’s leading independent source of trust in policies, technology standards and future Internet development. It not only works to promote technological advances, but also it ensures that the Internet continues to grow and evolve as a platform for innovation, economic development and social progress for people around the world.