Our Technology

NIC .DO has eight name servers distributed in different cities around the world.


Of these ten sites, four of them are located in the United States and three in the Dominican Republic, with a total of nine points of presence in North America and the Caribbean, and one point in Europe.

These servers use different routing and routing methodologies, seven of which use unicast and have presence only in one place. While SNS-PB.ISC.ORG uses anycast and can be accessed in three locations worldwide.

Name Server Addressing Methodology Location
NS.NIC .DO Unicast Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
NS1.NIC .DO Unicast Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
NS2.NIC .DO Unicast Santiago, Dominican Republic
NS3.NIC .DO Unicast Redwood City, CA, United States
NS3.NIC.MX Unicast Monterrey, Mexico
DO-DNS.NIC.PR Unicast San Juan, Puerto Rico
PHLOEM.UOREGON.EDU Unicast Eugene, OR, United States
SNS-PB.ISC.ORG Anycast Redwood City, CA, United States
Chicago, IL, United States
Amsterdam, Netherlands