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             Jueves 30 de Marzo del 2017
Dispositions for the implementation of 2nd level domain name registration for .do

NIC DO will allow the 2nd level domain names registration from December 10, 2009.  To protect the current registrations we will initiate with the pre-registration in the second level of all the domain names registered in 3er level before  October 30, 2009.  In this respect we have established some dispositions that will allow us to initiate this process in a just and equitable way for all the involved parts.

NIC DO will be able to do changes in the dates established in the present dispositions. 

General dispositions:

  • NIC DO will do the pre-registration directly under .do of all the domains registered in the third level before 30/10/09 and whose balance to 30/11/09 is zero.
  • NIC DO maintain a list of names that will not be able to be registered as domain names  for being related or referring to:
      • IANA's structure
      • ICANN´s structure
      • Internet terms
      • Names of gTLDs existing, proposed or in process of approval for the competent authority
      • Terms saved for NIC DO operation
  • NIC DO will not be pre – registering nor will be allowing the registration of domain names directly under .do in the following cases:
    • When the domain name appears in the list of names reserved of NIC DO
    • When the domain name has a  length less than 2 characters
    • When the domain name corresponds or does allusion to names of cities and / or villages of the Dominican Republic, these names only will be able to be registered in the 2nd Level for the Dominican Government.
    • When the domain name is in process of litigation or claim of the ownership.
    • When the domain name is already registered directly under  .do
  • The domain names registered in the third level which registration is eliminated and that appear in the list of names reserved by NIC DO, will not return to register as domain names  in the third level.
  • In case of domains names registered in the third level to different Holders, the pre-registration in the second level will be done to the domain name holder of major antiquity.
  • The information of the domain name pre-registered in the 2nd level will be the same that those of the domain name of origin.
  • The domain names  pre-registered in the second level will have to complete the registration before 03/10/2010, from this moment if the registration is not completed, the domain name will be available to be registered by any interested party. To complete the registration is necessary:
    • The acceptance of the registration agreement by the administrative contact of the domain name, for these effects, from 12/10/09 NIC DO will send an e-mail to the administrative contact of every domain name with the instructions to follow for the acceptance of the Registration Agreement.
    • The payment corresponding to the registration of second level domain name.
  • The domain name only will be resolved by NIC DO's DNS when the payment of registration has been effected.
  • The tariff established for the second level domain names is US$50.00 per year.

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